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Adder barrack – Toothache
Alfalfa – Used to prevent tooth decay
Aloe Vera – Use the leaves; treat burns and skin problems (insect bites, etc.)
Blessed Thistle – Helps strengthen the heart & lungs; increases circulation
Borage - Leaves and Roots should be consumed to stave off fevers. Seeds and leaves should be consumed by the nursing to increase available milk.
Borage should never be used dried, only green.
Bramble twigs (chewed to a fine syrup) – Helps to sleep
Broom Malice Poultices – Open wounds
Burdock Root – Used to relieve joint pains (like arthritis)Good for rat bites and infected wounds
Celandine - Used to strenghten weak eyes.
Chamomile - Used to relax, leaves and flowers sooths heart & gives physical strength
Chapparal – Helps clean faces (helps with acne)
Chervil Juice - Best for infected wounds.
Chervil Root - Used to cure bellyache
Cobwebs - Used to stop bleeding
Comfrey - Used to help cure for broken bones
Deathberry (Yew) - Berries, or any other part of the plant, when consumed will kill the animal who swallows if they are not given immediate help, and even then they may not always be saved. Roots & leaves may be chewed together and applied to sore places, but must NEVER be applied to open wounds.
This is a poison in addition to a healing plant.
Dock leaves - Used to make fur slippery when stuck in a tight space
Echinacia - Used to ease infection.
Ferns – Helps to clean out wounds by just the inside part after “crunching” off the outer “shells”
Fever - Leaves can be used to reduce fever, in addition to being consumed to aid against colds and stomach ailments.
Feverfew - Used to reduce head pain
Garlic – Ear infections and wounds
Ginger – Used for asthma and coughs
Goldenrod - A muscle pain reliever
Hawthorne Berries – Treats heart burns and indigestion
Honey - Used to sooth irritated throats and other things, particularly good for smoke inhalation
Horsetail – Chew the leaves and spit into wounds; stops infections
Huckleberry – A muscle pain reliever
Ivy – Calms down
Juniper berries - Good for belly ache. Berries ease the stomach and can serve as a counter poison. Leaves are used to ease coughs and other respiratory problems.
Lavender - Leaves & flowers are particularly good when eaten for easing pains in head and throat, and good for a chill.
Inhaling the sent of fresh flowers can also calm the nerves.
Marigold - Leaves and Flowers should be consumed to relieve chills.
Leaves and Petals can be chewed and placed on wounds to prevent infection.
Mouse Bile- from the liver of the common mouse may be harvested and used to kill stubborn fleas and ticks.
Nettle - Leaves are used on rashes and fever
Poppy (wild) - Seeds can be consumed to remove pain and aid is sleep.
Flower heads should be consumed together to relive continuous coughs.
Petals and Leaves should be chewed to aid in sleep and improve resting.
Ragweed Leaves - Relives stiff joints
Roots - Good for belly-aches
Sacred bark – Used for upset stomach
Snakeroot - Used to counter poison
Tansy - Leaves, flowers, and Stems should be eaten together to remove worms. Leaves may be chewed to relive joint aches.
Flowers should be consumed to remove coughs.
Pregnant animals should NEVER be given Tansy, for it causes miscarriages.
Thyme - Should be consumed to calm the anxious cat, or to aid in brining restful sleep.
Water mint - Used to cure bellyache
Willow (Tree) - Water from beneath the bark of the flowering willow may be dripped into the eyes to help clear blurriness of vision. It may also be applied to dry patches of skin to sooth itches.
Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain, act against inflammation, and to ease diarrhea or fevers.
Yarrow Leaves - Makes them throw-up and extract poison
Yarrow Ointment – Scraped paws I love you

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