Rules of the sight

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Rules of the sight

Post  Cloud on Sat May 08, 2010 11:51 am

These are the rules of the sight, You will get one warning, then banned
1)No swearing
2)No sexual content
3)No controling someone elses character
4)no killing someone else charactar without there permission
5)olny post at one place at a time, this is a little more loosely pressured, we need things to make sense, you cant train & sleep in the apprentice den at the same time Razz
6)no going against your leader/admin
7)No asking members private information or telling your info
8)please dont use astrecks for roleplay, instead write as in a book, exp. Cloud slowly creeped up on the deer. then a twig snapped "Mouse dung!" she explained
9)pm me blarg! if you've read the rules
10)Have fun!

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